5 Reasons to Use a Limo Airport Transport Service on Your Trip to San Francisco


Whether your trip is for a San Francisco Business convention,  corporate travel (flying in to meet with your brand new clients in Silicone Valley) or for pleasure (you’ve finally decided to check that Napa Valley wine tour off your bucket list), you need to be able to get from the airport to your hotel or business meeting in as little time, with as little hassle as possible. That’s where a good San Francisco limo airport transport service comes in.


Why not just summon an Uber driver (after all, San Francisco is their birthplace), or maybe take one of the many options for public transport, like BART or Muni? Well, there are several reasons. Here’s why a limo airport transport service is far superior to other options of transportation in San Francisco.


  1. Avoiding Unnecessary Delays


Public transportation, in theory, runs like clockwork. The same bus/train/ferry arrives at the same stop at the same time every day. Reality is a bit different, though, and Uber drivers (as well as taxis) are a shot in the dark. Will you get the nice, responsible kid working her way through college? Or end up with the high school dropout who just needs a few bucks to party tonight? Limo drivers are screened, trained, experienced drivers, local to the area and schooled in the ins and outs of driving in San Francisco. They’ll be waiting when your airplane arrives, dressed and smelling like the consummate professionals they are. We can’t always say that about the folks on BART and Muni.


  1. Taking the Shortest, Most Efficient Route


Public transportation routes are drawn up to make the most stops possible within the given time frame of the route. They don’t deviate from that route, even if there is nobody who needs a pickup or drop off at half the stops, or traffic is backed up somewhere along the route following an accident. You just get stuck waiting. Unfortunately, you can’t always depend on taxi or Uber drivers to know the best routes for that particular time of day, or to take the best routes if they do know. When you opt for a limo airport transport, your route is navigated by professionals, on the spot, based on the traffic situation at that moment. Rental cars mean you have to navigate unfamiliar streets, unbelievable traffic, and still try to make your appointments on time or get to your hotel before you are completely exhausted. Why add all that stress to your trip? Limo drivers know about the wreck on the 101 and the crowds pouring out of AT&T/Candlestick Park after the 49ers’ big game. If you happen to want to ride by somewhere extra along the way — like popping in to greet a client or checking out the sunset view over the Golden Gate Bridge, your driver is happy to accommodate you.


  1. You Can Relax and be Productive During the Ride


After a long flight, you need some time to catch up on text messages, emails, and maybe get a little work done. If you’re going from San Francisco Airport to Napa Valley, for instance, you’ll have over an hour to be productive. Monterey is almost a 2-hour drive from SFO, and Sonoma is about an hour and a half. That’s plenty of time to check back in with the office, touch base with your business interests in California, and still get some relaxing done before time to unload at the hotel. You’ll have time to check in back home and even make sure your dinner reservations are intact. Then you can arrive at your hotel or meeting caught up with business and able to relax, instead of anxious about what’s waiting for you in your inbox or voicemail. In a limo, you can stretch out, spread your laptop and paperwork, and take in some refreshments, without being in anyone’s way or worrying that someone can see your confidential information. Banking business, client’s finances, that top-secret new technology you’re working on? None of it is compromised.


  1. You Aren’t Stuck with a String of Senseless Fees


Toll roads and bridges, parking fees, that ticket for parking in the handicapped zone that wasn’t even marked clearly … do you really want to have to bother with all those little strips of paper and entering all those small amounts on your expense report when you get back? A limo transport service gives you one, single invoice to keep up with and log into your expense tracking software. Plus, if you add in the time you can spend working during your commute, you’ll likely earn as much as you spend on the difference between a rental car and a limo service; not to mention how much more relaxed and in-control you’ll feel since you didn’t have to fight your way across the GG Bridge during rush hour or waste countless hours because you strayed into the fray at Fisherman’s Wharf on a Sunday afternoon — oops.


  1. True Door-to-Door Service


If you take public transport, you’re likely going to be hoofing it for at least a few blocks between the stop and your actual destination. Even with a rental car, you’ll be on foot from the parking lot (which isn’t cheap) to the place you’re actually going. Besides, you’ll be worried the whole time you’re in that meeting or dining on that incredible sushi whether or not the rental car will actually be there when you get back, or what condition it’s likely to be in if it is. The limo service picks you up right at the door of your hotel and delivers you curbside to the door of your destination. No fighting for parking, no losing the ticket for the parking lot or arguing with the attendant about their insane policies. You’re always on time, and in a much better mood when you get there.


San Francisco is home to an unbelievable plethora of places to work and play. Five-star restaurants, a world-class wine region, the headquarters of numerous multi-billion dollar businesses, and an almost limitless number of art galleries, cultural institutions, live performances … why spend your trip worried about whether the rental car place had that SUV you were promised, or what that smell is in your Uber driver’s car?


Travel in luxury, style, safety and comfort with a limo airport transport service with Elite. From a laid-back wine tour of Napa Valley to making that all-important business meeting on time, we’ve got you covered. Visit our website to make your reservations today. Airport transfers by limo are also available at Oakland International Airport, Sacramento International Airport, Sonoma County Airport, and Napa County Private Airport.