Corporate Travel

At Elite Limo, we know what it takes to build and maintain a positive relationship.  Our commitment to our corporate clients is the reason why we have expanded our company year after year. We can handle any event and all of our accommodations are managed in house so you receive consistent quality service. From providing transportation for office events or company dinners, shuttling clients to and from the Airport, handling last minute changes and even surprise guests, Elite Limo provides responsible and prompt service for all of your company needs. Our dedication to reliable corporate luxury transportation ensures that you receive exceptional personalized service. All events, big or small, are handled in a timely manner and with a positive attitude. Additionally, we offer special programs for corporate accounts. Give us a call and find out if you or your business qualifies for DISCOUNTED RATES, PRIORITY RESERVATION ACCEPTANCE, and more!

The advantages of using Elite Limo


We provide service anytime, plain and simple. Blackout dates do not exist at Elite Limo. There will not be a time when you call and we are not available for the date or time specified.

Worldwide Service

Not only are we available anytime, but we are also available anywhere you need us. France, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and England are among the many foreign countries in which we accommodate our clients. We ensure you’ll be provided with a safe and affordable ride. In addition to handling small groups and individual transfers, we have also completed events for 200+ people in other states including Chicago, Miami, and Las Vegas. The exceptional service we provide locally is the same we provide in other states.

Advanced flight tracking software

Our software continually monitors flight information directly from the FAA. When you provide our team with the arrival flight number, our software automatically cross references valid flight numbers with the one provided. If for some reason there was a prior miscommunication, our system will notify us of this and provide alternate options- all in real time. In addition, it will also continually verify flight arrival times and provide the departure city. Our software automaticallyupdates your flight information on our dispatch screen which ensures a successful and timely transfer. What this means to you is that the possibility of an error is greatly reduced from the moment you call to the time the client arrives, whenever that may be!


For each reservation, you will receive a detailed confirmation email. For large events, our system creates an easy-to-read manifest with short list detail information. In addition to our original reservation confirmation the day before your reservation, you will also receive an automatic re-confirmation to ensure accuracy. On the day of service we will also send a 2hr notice with the short list detail for the transfer. This email includes the chauffeur’s information if you wish to contact him/her directly. However, please keep in mind they are on the road; the office is generally the best point of contact for you.

Online Account Access

Once you create an online account, you have access to it anywhere and anytime. This means you can create reservations online, check upcoming trips, look at previous trips, and see billing information.


Our privacy policy is strictly enforced. Elite Limo assures that you and your guests are treated with respect and integrity. The information is safeguarded in our system with an ultra-secure login and offsite server locations. All staff passwords are changed every 90 days and regular tests are run to ensure the safety of your information. For more sensitive clients we can use the company name in lieu of their actual names when picking up at the airport. Lastly, our 5% tinted windows guarantee that you will have a comfortable and private ride.

How can we do this?

Our Fleet

With such a large fleet of Lincoln Town Cars and SUV’s, we have tailored our company to provide discreet accommodations to all of our clients so you will always have consistent service from Elite Limo. We also provide vehicles such as vans and buses for those larger events. If you need something with more presence, we definitely have you covered. Our full line of limousines and stretch SUV’s are ready for when fun is a part of the day.

Stationed Vehicles

This is a critical component of how we can provide service in our entire service area on such short notice. While most companies will have all cars stationed at the home office, Elite has our vehicles stationed across the Bay Area. Once a chauffeur has proven to us time and time again that they are dependable and able to work under pressure while providing the best service, we will present them with the opportunity of having one of our vehicles with them at all times. Because we cover such an extensive service area, when you call a specific car and chauffeur, they will be ready to go. We have vehicles stationed in key locations near SFO, OAK, Pleasanton, Antioch, Concord, Clayton, and Walnut Creek.

Volume of Transfers

Elite Limo averages 900 transfers per month. This means our fleet is out on the road every day, at all times.  So when those last minute reservations come in, our vehicles will be readily available to you.

“To sum it all up, we have a large fleet that is always on the road or right next to where you need us. That is how we can provide what other companies cannot.”

Priority Reservation Acceptance

What this means to you is that when you call, you will get the transfer. Although, like any limo company, we can take reservations up to a year in advance, what sets us apart is our prompt reliability when time is short and you need immediate transportation. Below is a breakdown of timeframes that attest to our superior accommodations.

  • 24 hours – Simply call and you’re in the system.  Never worry again if you are called to a last minute meeting. We will be there for you. Guaranteed  Acceptance.
  • 12 hours – Just as easy, call and you will be taken care of. Here is where we start to set ourselves apart from the competition. Guaranteed  Acceptance.
  • 6 hours – This is where most private car services start to falter and Elite begins to shine. As long as you call between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. you will have Guaranteed Acceptance.
  • 4 hours It is getting down to the wire and we are still here for you. As long as you call between 6 a.m. and 11pm you will have Guaranteed Acceptance.
  • 2 hours  When most companies won’t be there for you, Elite Limo will be. As long as you call between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. you will have Guaranteed Acceptance.
  • 1 hour  Elite knows time is crucial and this is where we demonstrate that we truly are a reliable partner. Although we cannot guarantee acceptance, call our office and we will do our best to complete the transfer.  It is a rare occurrence that we aren’t available to provide service- 95% of the time we are able to accommodate you.
  • Less than 1 hour  Since we operate everywhere all of the time, the chance of having a vehicle in your area is very high. Call our office directly and you will be surprised that our active staff can often cover your transfer.

Large Event Logistics and Coordination

This is our specialty area. We have been taking care of the Bay Area’s largest companies for nearly two decades. In this time, we’ve learned what it takes to build and maintain a positive relationship with our clients.

“We know that offering excellent service is only one part of the package. How we handle logistics and help take some of the workload off of you is another way Elite Limo is here for you.”


We can help you with the logistics of any transfer or event, where ever it may be. Even if you need something as simple as a suggested time of pick up or help with transporting a group of 200 from their residences in Chicago to the airport in Chicago, then from SFO to the local hotel(s) all in one day, Elite Limo will take care of it for you.  Our highly experienced and friendly staff will help with anything you need- pick up times, the duration of a trip (on average of course), and any special events to be considered on that day. Those are only a few, but we can assist with a wide array of tasks and inquiries.

Event coordinators

When the order comes to us you will have your own appointed office staff member that will handle the reservations from beginning to end. This person will be a valuable asset to the project. No need for babysitting a vendor, we can take a plain excel sheet for a group of arrivals and in no time turn it into a simple, easy to read arrival manifest. Many of our clients actually utilize our provided manifest for the arrival and departure list on the day of in order to keep track of everyone. We will do the grouping for you and respect any special requests that may arise for specific individuals. When grouping, we will maximize the vehicle selection so the individuals that can share a ride will do so, thus making this a cost effective option as well.

Remember that we automatically track the verified flights and do so since the reservation is created, thus, there are no surprises. When the clients arrive, we have three options for retrieval. The first two forms of retrieval curbside and baggage claim.

Airport Greeters

In addition, the third form is a special option available only to our large event clients. We will place our own employees at the airports with custom signs that usually display your company’s logo. They will be the point of contact for your guest and they will phone the sedans to pull around. This minimizes the amount of work you have to do and we offer it at absolutely no charge to you. We can also have these same greeters at your office coordinating the departures, once again at NO CHARGE to you.

Rates and Billing

Corporate Client Rates

After an account is created; we constantly monitor its usage. Depending on the volume and frequency of the transfers your account acquires, we will determine the pricing structure you receive from us. Simply proceed with business as usual and watch the rewards come in.


Although we require a CC to secure all accounts, we can set up our accounts in a variety of ways:

  • Collect – each specified transfer is collected on by the chauffeur at the time of service. The chauffeur can collect cash or a card imprint.
  • Credit Card – We will charge a card on file for the amount and instantly send a receipt for the amount. The person in the car never has to handle any type of financials.
  • Direct Bill – After each month or large transfer, we send out invoices. This is a popular option for large groups or accounts with many travelers.
  • Personal transfers We take care of our clients and when the time comes for some relaxation in the form of a vacation or night out, give us a call. We extend special rates for personal trips to our most frequent users and account handlers. It’s the least we can provide for all the hard work you do.

All accounts can be billed in any manner. Simply specify the form of billing desired at the time of booking the reservation.

“Altogether, our team creates a highly personalized, consistent quality service that takes care of your diverse transportation needs. At Elite Limo, we know that our business clients need an honest and reliable company that takes the pressure off of traveling. Our attentive and dependable service is what we pride ourselves on.”

This is a general overview of the main points for our services, for any topic not covered, please call or email.


See our Contact page with phone numbers and email address. Normal office hours are 7AM to 10PM Pacific time,
7 days a week; for immediate service we are available by phone 24/7, 365 days a year.

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