In the northern part of Sonoma County lays California’s most diverse and beautiful wine region. The Russian River Wine Road winds through some of the most picturesque wine country in California and takes visitors on a journey of the senses, gratifying its visitors with its natural beauty, sublime tasting experiences, and personal encounters with some of California’s most devoted and distinct winemakers.

Even for veteran wine travelers well acquainted with California’s wine country, the Russian River Valley is still relatively uncharted territory, sure to instill a fresh sense of discovery. This region is home to some of California’s oldest wineries, run by vintners whose commitment to the art of winemaking runs back several generations to the early nineteenth century when the French and Italian immigrants brought their own winemaking traditions to the area.

A Russian River Wine Tour with Elite Limousine provides a kaleidoscope array of glimpses into the world of winemaking. Enjoy the region’s wide range of excellent white and red varietal wines, and be sure to taste the world-class Pinot Noir and superb Cabernet wines that make this region famous. Our chauffeurs will help you discover your own enthusiasm for great wine reflected in the appreciation of theses passionate winemakers.

At Elite Limousine, your journey begins with a tour of the wineries that line the beautiful rolling hills of vineyards along the banks of the Russian River. We can design a custom tour to suit your individual tastes regardless of whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or a wine novice. Or, if you’d like to design your own itinerary, just let us know where you’d like to go and your personal chauffeur and guide will make sure you visit all your chosen wineries. All our professional drivers are knowledgeable about wines, and are familiar with the Russian River Valley and the local wineries, so you can be confident that you will get a Russian River Valley tour that is just right for you and your individual tastes.

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