Wineries are often as beautiful as they are serious. Wine has long been considered the beverage of the elite, and as such, a visit to a winery may be fun, but it may also be fairly reserved. If, though, you’re looking for amazing wines, a gorgeous location, and a truly fun tour, look no further than Peju.

Initially established in 1982 by Tony Peju and his wife Herta, this amazing property encompasses not only the famed Peju vineyards, but also beautiful gardens and one of Napa’s most unique buildings – the Tower. Fifty feet in height, the Tower is framed by a gorgeous reflective pool and fountains With a roof designed from weathered copper and a unicorn weather vane on top, this is one part of the tour that will remain in your mind long after you leave Peju. The interior is 1600 square feet, and the scene on the front door is reminiscent of Greek mythology and was hand-carved. All of the posts and beans inside were salvaged from old farms, and the stunning floor tiles were imported from Turkey. It is this elegant structure that graces the label of every wine Peju produces, and that picture alone is certain to take you back to your day at this winery.

Peju offers both a classic tasting as well as a private tasting. During the classic tasting sessions, visitors get the chance to sample four different current wines. Before each wine, an ambassador shares the story of the wine itself as well as a few notes on Peju’s history. Many people truly enjoy the musical numbers about both Peju and Napa Valley from Alan Arnopole, one of the area’s only wine pourers who is also a very talented musician. Private tastings are suggested for groups of 8 or more, and reservations are required.

Peju is one of the few Napa Valley wineries that is now certified green. All of their vineyards are either certified organic or sustainably farmed with organic certification coming in the next few years. They’re moving toward solar power, too. At the moment, 720 solar panels have been installed on the winery roof, and eventually, 36% of all the winery’s power will be solar. As a whole, the winery has already met California’s state standards in pollution prevention, conservation of resources, and environmental compliance. Their employees even get a cash-incentive to buy a hybrid vehicle.

Peju is an exciting, delightful winery that is one of Napa Valley’s must-see locations.

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