Captivated by the stunning Napa Valley while envisioning a change in career Joseph Phelps was about to take a risk. However, he purchased his first cattle ranch in 1973, Connolly in Spring Valley, where the implanting of vineyards took place. It took him one year to complete the winery. In truth, the first Syrah was created that same year. The initial grapes were creased there and the first Insignia was born. The time breathed incomparable entrepreneurship, originality, inventiveness, and venturesome activity. Joe Phelps was recognized in Napa Valley as one of the best wine producers.

Almost 40 years later, the most important wine of the group, Insignia is still recognized as one of the world’s remarkable wines. Numerous wine publications have given Phelps’ wine ninety points or better on twenty nine of thirty four vintage wines which is extraordinary.

Over time, their main objective to grow 100% on their property came to life. It took a lot of hard work and dedication. Today, the Phelps estate has eight different locations throughout California. They are proud producers of astonishing wines like Pinot and Chardonnay. If you enjoy wine tasting visit the Freestone Guest Center.

The Phelps philosophy consists of practicing biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture uses little force on the land. It is very gentle yet extremely effective. At any rate, biodynamic farming is a great way to establish an understanding amongst the development of grapes and the natural world. Examples of biodynamic products include natural fertilizers, nutrient sprays and pesticides. The Phelps philosophy is mindful of their responsibility to be gentle on the soil. Therefore, they practice using an abundant amount of all-natural products. With the improvement and protection of the soil’s health, other elements like large grapevines, healthier fruit and progressive quality wine are bound to improve as well.

Today, several people including Ashley Hepworth, Damian Parker, and Philippe Pessereau have continued Joe’s vision and taken it places he never thought imaginable. The problematic and most active phase of winemaking is harvest. This process is intense because timing means everything. If you pick the grapes too soon, the grape loses its potential. If you pick the grapes too late, it has lost its potential. Ashley, Damian and Philippe work hand in hand during the decision-making process so the timing is more than likely perfect every time.

With so much to explore and so much to enjoy at Joseph Phelps vineyard, why wait any longer before planning your visit? Enjoy wines that express ‘soul’ in every sip.

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