There are some places in the world that take your breath away. But it doesn’t have to be an impressive mountain range or towering monument. Sometimes it’s something simple and utterly stunning. The Far Niente Winery has the power to do exactly that with its amazing cellar wine caves, stonework buildings, and rich history. Even if it doesn’t steal your breath, it may very well make you simply say, Wow.”

Far Niente has a very long history rooted in the Napa Valley of California. Founded in 1885 by a gold rush 49er named John Benson, it had a strong run until 1919. Prohibition had been passed by the U.S. government, making the livelihood of Far Niente obsolete. The winery was abandoned and eventually began to crumble. But Far Niente was not so easily finished. After all, it’s name does mean without a care.” In 1979, a staggering 60 years later, Gil Nickel bought it all and sought to transform it into a working, prospering winery again.

It is indeed. Far Niente Winery produces wines of excellent quality year after year, from honeysuckle layered Chardonnays to flavorful berry infused Cabernet Sauvignons. Visit the winery for a small moment of tasting, or have a private event with an entire group. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy yourself at the winery – even if a few things distract you from the wine at first!

Far Niente includes 13 acres of landscaped gardens bursting with colorful blooms. There are so many bold red and vibrant pink souther azaleas planted at the estate, they can be seen from the highway for nearly a mile. Go down into the caves where a 60-foot tunnel was carved out in 1980. Barrels full of wine line the walls to create a stunning effect. They were the first wine caves to come into being in North America, and the concept quickly took hold. You could also visit the jaw-dropping car collection in the Carriage House. Gil Nickel loved to collect cars and brought them with when he brought Far Niente back to life. It is here you’ll find a 1966 Ferrari 500 and a 1961 Corvette roadster. The collection is included when you take a tour of the winery.

There are many things about Far Niente that can inspire people to visit. From getting away for a few hours or an entire day to seeing some unique pieces of history, it’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy oneself. Even if you live to far to see the winery for yourself, you can always join the wine club to have delectable bottles sent straight to your home.

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