For the ultimate Napa Valley experience, visit Del Dotto Winery. Located just over an hour north of San Francisco, this spectacular property is a true cathedral built to honor the art of wine making. It features Italian marble lined caves for perfect wine aging. Venetian chandeliers hang from the ceiling and finery abounds around every corner. You’ll feel like you are touring an ancient Italian monument. Explore the new tasting facility and sip some of the finest wine in the world. There are many wineries in Napa Valley but only one that whisks you away to the Italian peninsula. Del Dotto Winery is that place.

Without a doubt, the biggest attraction at Del Dotto is the caves. Lined with candles, this tasting room is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Taste Napa’s best wine directly out of the barrel with that special someone for an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Voted the best wine tasting experience by world experts, Del Dotto is about more than just the grape. It is about a completely immersive experience that combines, chocolate, cheese, wine and incredible scenery for the perfect evening out. Del Dotto is Napa done right.

The history of Del Dotto dates back to 1885 when laborers dug the wine caves by hand. Even back then, people could tell that Del Dotto was going to be a special place for wine. While it has gone through many changes since then, it was one of the original wineries in the region. In 1997, the Del Dotto family purchased the land and restored it to its former glory. Add in a few decades of improvements and refinements and you have the modern day Del Dotto winery. Experience wine out of 45 different barrels made from wood from around the world. Perfect for wine experts and those just discovering the beauty of wine, Del Dotto is the ultimate wine experience in California.

The wine experts at Del Dotto are passionate about what they do. You don’t get skimpy pours here. You are expected to taste the wine, to truly experience it through all of your senses. You’ll also get an energetic tour that not only gives you a history of the winery but also of how Napa came to be such a special place. You won’t need any other tours once you’ve visited Del Dotto. Experience wine the way it should be at Del Dotto.

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