For over 30 years, Cosentino Winery has been one of Napa’s best kept secrets. Located just over an hour north of San Francisco in beautiful Yountville, Cosentino Winery now crafts some of the best winesin the world. It was the first wine located on the winding St. Helena highway, now considered a hotbed of wine making. The winery includes one of the most popular tasting rooms in all of Northern California. Don’t be surprised to see a celebrity, a rock star or a world-renowned wine connoisseur in the chair next to you. Cosentino Winery offers the ultimate Napa wine experience.

As is the case with most Napa wineries, the big attraction here is the wine, itself. Cosentino Winery is best known for a cabernet varietal that has become the envy of wine lovers everywhere. However, no respectable winery will sit back on just one good grape. The winery now boasts a merlot that is considered the equal of their famed cab. Don’t let the fancy verbiage scare you off. The wine experts at Cosentino Winery welcome new wine drinkers and they encourage questions from folks of all walks of life. Enjoy a day out in wine country you are sure to love with Cosentino Winery!

The tasting room at Cosentino Winery is not to be missed. Open to everyone, the room is always a pleasant, fun place to spend a few hours. Taste a myriad of wines and ask questions of the knowledgeable staff. You can also buy bottles to take home with you. Don’t be shy, your local grocery store or liquor store likely won’t have many of these bottles, so if you taste one you like, don’t miss your chance to take one home. Don’t miss this truly special tasting room, it is not to be missed!

The grounds at Cosentino Winery are a sight to behold. See grapes extend all the way out to the horizon in every direction and breathe that crisp, clean Northern California air. Look for special days throughout the year where meals and celebrations will be held. Cosentino Winery also offers a wine club that makes the perfect souvenir. Get a glimpse at how fine wine is made at Cosentino Winery. Ranked as one of the regions best attractions on TripAdvisor, Cosentino Winery is the perfect spot to spend a day, sip some wine and forget about your worries. Don’t hesitate, visit today.

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