For those who love good food, good times, and of course, good wine, then it’s time to book a trip to the beautiful Cline Cellars. This gorgeous winery located in Sonoma County is prepared to show you the time of your life – as well as several fresh, delectable bottles of wine.

Cline Cellars has actually been functioning for quite some time. It has its roots near Oakley, California where Fred Cline began the vineyard in 1982. After a long and fruitful run, Fred and his wife Nancy decided to move the winery in 1991. This is the winery you will see before you today in Sonoma. The grounds are stunning with an amazing 350-acre estate full of brand new vineyards and fresh facilities. Many of the grapes you’ll see planted include Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, and Pinot Noir, as well as some others you may or may not be familiar with such as Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussanne. In fact, Fred Cline was the one to pioneer the growing of those Rhône varietals, leading to some of the most distinctive flavors and impressive tastes.

Cline Cellars gets to boast of wines with 90+ point ratings and nods from Wine Spectator, Wine & Spirits, and Wine Advocate. Visiting Cline Cellars can only mean having an excellent time, relaxing, and enjoying flavors you may not have had the chance to taste before. You’ll see sheep and goats helping to weed the vineyards, rolling hillsides as far as the eye can see, gorgeous colors in spring, summer, and autumn, and have the chance to see wine made before your very eyes. Cline Cellars opts to use green practices as much as possible, which is why grazing sheep enjoy the vineyards and why you’ll see dozens of solar panels on our facilities.

Visit one of Cline Cellars’ events or host one of your own. You can also join the Cline Cellars Wine Club to experience members’ only tastings, discounts on wine, and wine shipments straight to your home of red, white, or both together. You can also join the Cline Zin Zone so you can experience the most exclusive pours where Cline Cellars is represented.

Feel free to visit Cline Cellars and have a picnic under the trees or stroll along the pathways around the Mission Museum. Reservations are required for groups and there is a small entrance fee, but it is well worth it to experience a day of warm sunshine and fresh air surrounded by a beautiful vineyard.

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