A trip to Chateau St. Jean Winery is like a trip to a palatial Italian vineyard from hundreds of years ago. Classic architecture greets you around corner along with statues, flawless landscaping, and, of course, memorable wine. There is much to do and see at Chateau St. Jean Winery, including garden tours, wine tastings out on the scenic patio and picnics that involve not only fine wine, but fine food, as well. There are special events here, as well. A day spent at Chateau St. Jean Winery is a day you won’t soon forget.

No trip to Chateau St. Jean Winery is complete without a tour of the beautiful gardens. The gardens were created just over a decade ago to match the beautiful Italian-inspired architecture found around the property. You first come upon a beautiful courtyard that helps set the tone for your entire visit. You’ll find expertly manicured shrubs and lots of groundcover, including palms, citrus trees and many other plants. Gorgeous fountains make water dance across the property as both young and old are swept away by the beauty and grace of this wonderful garden. Come for the beauty but stay for the wine when you visit Chateau St. Jean Winery.

Chateau St. Jean has grown to be such a large wine maker over the last few decades, they now incorporate grapes grown at vineyards all over the Sonoma and Napa region. The bottle at your table may be made with grapes grown just a few feet away from where you are sitting or from grapes chosen from the best vineyards in the state. One thing is for sure, a glass or bottle from Chateau St. Jean Winery features the best in classic winemaking and quality.

If this is your first time visiting the wine region of California, there are many reasons why Chateau St. Jean Winery should be your destination. No one winery combines the classic architecture, the fantastic grounds, the highly respected winemaking and the attention to detail that Chateau St. Jean does. Located an hour and 20 minutes north of San Francisco, the drive from the city alone is worth the trip. Make the most of your special day in wine country. Come be whisked away to a land of beauty, grace and fine wine. Chateau St. Jean Winery is the number one destination for wine fans of every stripe. Don’t miss out, book your trip to Chateau St. Jean Winery today.

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